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Mrs Farmaki is the best “good practice” by herself. I have never seen such professionalism, immediacy, punctuality and consistency in the law sector! It usually takes a lot of time and energy with legal advisers and lawyers. Even though we cooperate from 2 different places (Crete & Thessaloniki) it was like she is always next to us and always on time! Our organization have evolved with Mrs Farmaki and we all feel more than grateful for her legal support.

Mrs Farmaki and her associates are a remarkable legal team. Well trained and educated. She inspires trust and security that I consider necessary in the relationship between lawyer and client combined with a humane approach to my cases.

I could easily see during our cooperation that her main concern has always been honesty and the promotion of the client’s interest. Through a robust “Ethical Code” that she has, through her self-control and self-control as a person, she manages and handles the tasks assigned to her, treating the client with respect, building a relationship of trust, always doing the right thing even when facing risks. Thank you so much!

Evangelia Farmaki is an excellent professional and legal advisor. Our cooperation has always been practical. Proposes efficient solutions to all kinds of issues and handles cases quickly and successfully, whether individual or corporate. Moreover, it is always up to date on circular changes, law and jurisprudence, providing valid information on the latest developments in each field of activity.

Your incredible legal and psychological support has made all the difference! A simple thank you doesn’t come close to expressing our gratitude. May you continue to stay strong and resilient!


Ag. Mina 7
Thessaloniki 546 25, Greece
tel. +30 2310 56 74 11 | +30694 535 9898
email: liafarmaki@yahoo.com

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